Vicki Manning

“Vicki” Manning is the bookkeeper (and according to one anonymous member of the Regal team the “ballbuster”) at Regal Pawn. She’s the daughter of Big Mark and has been working with her dad on and off for five years. Vicki was raised in East Yorkshire but spends her time between the glamorous coastlines of North Wales and La Manga in Spain.
Like her dad, before joining Regal Pawn, Vicki has had a pretty varied career with her CV boasting positions that range from Tapas Chef to Fish Pedicure Shop Manager. She’s a fully qualified silversmith and has really found her niche in the cut and thrust world of pawnbroking. Vicki describes herself as confident, bossy, and despite what her dad might claim, always in charge.
She loves working at Regal Pawn because everyday is different and she’s rapidly becoming a one-woman Wikipedia. Her head is so full of obscure facts about the most random things that she’s been invited to captain her local pub quiz team.
Vicki believes Regal Pawn is just one big (dysfunctional) family and although they do have their disagreements, there’s nothing that can’t be sorted with a good old slanging match and a few whiskies.
She has had some eye opening experiences at Regal Pawn including a woman looking to scrap a gold bridge of teeth that belonged to her mother. When Vicki offered her condolences she discovered the woman’s mother hadn’t actually passed away yet!
In her spare time, Vicki enjoys karaoke, bargain shopping and baking meat pies. She also has double jointed arms, legs, and hands and she frequently shows off her skills for free shots at the pub!