Simon Penworth

Simon “Ebenezer” Penworth has been employed by Regal Pawn for two years and is their resident aficionado in militaria, antiquities and oddities.
Appropriately enough for a man who looks like he’s stepped out of the pages of a James Herriot book, as a child Simon dreamed of becoming a vet. However, an allergy to most animals and a chronic fear of blood put an end to that dream.
But animal medicine’s loss is retails gain as Simon spends his days interacting with customers, thrilling them with his knowledge of the history of screws, amongst many oddball topics of expertise.
Simon describes himself as a good-looking man with a flair for style. When he’s not being ironic he likes to make artificial flies for use by anglers, but that’s not the oddest fact about Simon: He actually has different size feet.
Simon says he’s not motivated by money, which is lucky considering Big Mark is his boss. In fact if he won a million pounds the worry would make him ill and he’d give it away, but only after he’s bought his dream antiquities: a Faberge Egg, Holbein’s miniature of Anne of Cleves and a dagger belonging to Henry VIII.