Shawn and Vince

Shawn Zimmerman met his best friend, Vince Jones, in kindergarten. The two immediately disliked one another and got into their first brawl, landing them in time-out. That pattern repeated itself for the next 20 years, and time-outs turned into jail time. Shawn finally started cleaning up his act when he got his commercial driver’s license in 1998 and learned how to drive a truck for his father’s heavy equipment hauling business. But the lure of excitement and adventure drew him into truck recoveries, where he now gets his adrenaline-junkie fix by bringing wayward rigs home. When he isn’t doing that, he spends time with his wife and four children and rides his Harley across the country.

Vince met Shawn in kindergarten and says it was hate at first sight. But the two kept crossing paths and soon became inseparable. Vince got a reputation as a bad boy with a knack for getting into bar fights and consequently spent 18 months in jail. When he got out, he went into construction, working union jobs building highways and bridges. Soon, though, construction jobs started to dwindle.  Vince needed to support a family of four kids, so he partnered up with Shawn to recover trucks. He doesn’t mind being “the heavy” during truck hunts. In fact, he says it’s the legal way to get his aggression out.