Mike Hughes

Age: 38
Hometown: Maple Falls, WA
Occupation: President, Firearms Training Equipment Company
Mike Hughes says that playing college football taught him more than attending engineering and law school. “Teamwork, preparation, execution,” he explains. Nowadays, Mike draws on these ethics and his competitive spirit at the range. He’s been participating in USPSA matches for the last 10 years and recently earned a seventh-place title at the Nationals.
In 2009, after a decade of practicing law, Mike founded his own firearms training company. He’s even invented his own training pistol, which he calls the SIRT. When he isn’t pistol training or running his company, Mike can be found lifting weights, sprinting, hiking or spending time with his family. He describes himself as disciplined but says he doesn’t take himself too seriously. “I’m very competitive, I will win or die trying,” he declares. “But I am always a good sport.”