Mark Manning

Mark “Big Mark” Manning is the founder and owner of Regal Pawn near Chester.
Before opening up Regal Pawn, Big Mark had a series of jobs including caravan repairman, nightclub doorman, paintball centre manager and even earned his keep with a spot of grave-digging.
However, he considers pawnbroking to be his true calling as it combines his two great passions: history and cold hard cash. Mark sees himself like James Garner from the Great Escape - whatever you want, he’ll get for you - as long as the price is right!
Mark describes himself as suave, sexy, cool and…modest. He considers his greatest achievement to be either his 25 metre swimming certificate or the fact that he built Regal Pawn from nothing to become one of the biggest pawnbrokers in the UK, in just 5 years.
Big Mark likes to spend his free time with his family, playing guitar, and going clay pigeon shooting. He’s also a huge Beatles fan and if he could buy anything, he hopes to one day own a guitar played by John Lennon.