Mark Holland

Mark “Little Mark” Holland, raised in Africa, currently residing in North Wales, is Big Mark’s partner at Regal Pawn. Mark is the loose canon of the shop, up for trying pretty much anything once (and more if he likes it). He’s been best mates with Big Mark for about 20 years and despite claiming that they argue like husband and wife, he says they’ll never divorce.
Little Mark loves working at Regal Pawn because of the customers that come through the door. They exchange stories and information and he’s constantly amazed by what people collect. One of his favourite items to come through the doors recently was a miniature electric Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car, whose owner had spent half his life building without being able to explain why!
In his spare time, you can find Little Mark cooking cordon bleu and riding motorcycles...not at the same time. If Little Mark could make one stupendous purchase, it would be a Batman suit. He says if he got one he would fight crime on the means streets of Chester. Either that or wear it around the shop for a laugh.