Lee Jones

Lee is 38 and has worked with his brother Trevor on and off for almost 20 years. As brothers they are as close as can be but working together does have its problems especially when sibling tensions rise to the surface and a row explodes often with Lee going on ‘holiday’ (he’s given the sack). 
Lee helps on the Yard, but his main responsibility is buying stock, both old and new and sometimes downright dreadful, a double toilet seat!
Lee is Trevor’s ‘wing man’ and loves the thrill of a deal, driving around seeking ‘salvage’ arriving somewhere not knowing what he’ll find and then sparring to get the best possible price for ‘bro’. Although Trevor is not always thrilled at Lee’s sometimes impulsive acquisitions – anyone for glass milk urns! Lee does take great delight in buying stuff that Trevor thinks will never sell, ‘tat as Trevor calls it, and then proving him wrong by selling at a huge profit.
Outside of work Lee raises money for charity in memory of his dad who died of cancer. He swims the Solent every year and can often be seen in his ‘speedos’ around the lakes and rivers of Cheshire. He’s a bit of a ‘muso’ with jamming sessions lasting well into the early hours.
Lee has a long term partner Molly who he met at Glastonbury Festival 14 years ago and they are the proud parents of two lovely girls.