Korchenko and Marshall

Korchenko got his name back in the 1980s when he started wrestling professionally. As a kid growing up in Tampa, Florida, his father often took him to wrestling matches. It was during the Cold War, and audiences came in droves to boo the “Russians.” Years later, Korchenko decided to use the Russian gimmick to advance his own wrestling career. He spent the next 13 years wrestling professionally and driving trucks in rock quarries when gigs were scarce. A natural “tough guy” at 6’4”, he once pushed a 17,000-pound tractor until it caught a gear. He retired from wrestling in 1993 and became a full-time truck driver and recovery expert. He met his best friend Marshall in a bar, and they bonded over their love for big trucks and wrestling. Five years ago they partnered up as full-time recovery experts.
Marshall Clements, the son of an ex-sailor who went into trucking, grew up in Southeast Texas. At 6’ 6”, he played football throughout his school years but fell in love with big rigs when his dad took him driving all over the country. He knew instantly it’s what he was meant to do. Marshall has accumulated over a million miles in his 13-year career and has seen just about everything from Florida to Washington state. He became a driving instructor, teaching student drivers how to drive through challenging mountain terrain and adverse weather conditions. His expertise soon led to truck recovery and a chance meeting with Korchenko at a truckers’ sports bar. They merged their extreme talents and created a hugely successful truck-recovery partnership.