John and Gene

John Picnic comes from a family of truckers and mechanics, and he has been a truck driver for almost 20 years. He knows how to do virtually everything mechanical under the sun and has a natural affinity for precision driving, maneuvering big rigs through the toughest spaces and most difficult routes. John took up Russian martial arts to protect himself and his loads after a string of truck thefts swept the Eastern seaboard. Soon his tough guy attitude landed him in the recovery business, where he once beat up his own partner in front of a would-be thief just to prove a point. John’s motto is “Who’s better than me?” because his success rate of over 90% has earned him a nearly flawless reputation.
Gene Marino was a cop in New Jersey for nearly 25 years. He married John’s sister, and the rest is history. He says the two of them could not be more different, but somehow this odd couple makes it work. Not willing to sit around after retirement, Gene began joining John on a few truck hunts and found he could be a great asset with his police background. All those years on the force taught him how to read people and diffuse potentially explosive situations. Gene says that while John is always up for the fight, his job is to keep everyone calm and John focused