Jim Perks

Commander Jim Perks OBE is the Perisher Course Teacher. He’s spent 20 years of his life beneath the waves and received royal honours for his command. As he trains his students, he uses plenty of both carrot and stick. He motivates them, but never steps back from a stern dressing down. Constantly alert, there’s always a gleam in his eye. As he does his utmost to try and get his students through the course, we see just why Jim is such a successful commander and a great role model for his students to aspire to.
Jim successfully completed the Submarine Command Course ‘Perisher’ in 1999 and went on to join HMS TALENT as the Executive Officer and on completion joined Fleet Operations in Northwood in 2002 as the Submarine Special Operations Officer. Jim was selected for promotion to Commander in May 2004 and took command of the nuclear powered submarine HMS SCEPTRE in July 2005 during which time he took SCEPTRE on a 10 month deployment which included visits to Singapore, Australia and South Africa.
Jim became Teacher and took command of the Submarine Command Course Perisher in May 2008 and was awarded the OBE in the 2008 New Years Honours List in recognition of his time in Command of SCEPTRE.