Jamie Franks

Age: 30
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Occupation: US Navy Rescue Swimmer
One thing really bugged Jamie Franks while watching the first season of Top Shot, "Where were the Navy guys?" Though the Navy is not necessarily known for marksmanship, Jamie believes he can outshoot the other branches any day.
The graduate of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Skills and Practical Weapons courses and Anti-Terrorism Force Protection/Deadly Force Training is a rifle and pistol expert. As a 13-year active duty Navy rescue swimmer and Operations Specialist, this self-proclaimed "natural leader" attended BUD/S training twice early in his career. During various overseas deployments, he was hand-selected for personal security details in high-threat areas. Jamie admits there is usually "no filter between my brain and my mouth" and wants to prove that he's the pride of the Navy.