Forrest McCord

Age: 21
Hometown: Houston, TX
Occupation: Kinesiology Student
At 21, world champion pistol shooter Forrest McCord has accomplished more than most marksmen hope to achieve in a lifetime. He’s been racking up wins ever since his mom took him to the range for the first time at age 13. In 2008, Forrest represented the United States on the junior team in Bali during the IPSC World Shoot and earned a gold medal. Now, as a USPSA shooter, he competes monthly and shoots twice a week despite his hectic school schedule. Forrest hates to lose, and that’s what drives him to stay on top. While he’s had numerous instructors–including Top Shot’s Athena Lee–he admits that he can be “bullheaded” when it comes to taking advice from others. “Competition and winning is what fuels me,” he says. “I will not stop until I have achieved my goal.”