Eric and Rob

Eric Johnson started out as a truck driver 20 years ago. He owned a fleet of flat beds, but when his company fell on hard times, a sweet-talking collector stepped into his life and changed his world. That collector is now his wife Joanie. Eric, Joanie and all of their eight children, including Rob, come together to recover trucks in their family business. Their close proximity to the border means many drug cars, illegal trucks and impounded trucks end up in their care. Recently, Eric had to sift through rotten produce to make sure there were no narcotics hidden in a load. He spends a lot of his time assisting Border Patrol with investigating suspicious trucks. With his knowledge of the desert, he’s a valuable asset to many law enforcement agencies.
At 20 years old, Eric's brother Rob is training to take over the family business but knows he has a lot to learn. Most days he’d rather practice with his band and hone his guitar skills than his truck hunting skills. As the navigator and co-pilot, though, he’s always there for the hunt. He is an expert at crawling into small, tight spaces to get into a tractor.