Dustin Ellerman

Age: 28
Hometown: Zavalla, TX
Occupation: Summer Camp Director
A bright and energetic summer camp director, Dustin Ellerman is an easy guy to like and he aims to please. “I’m from Zavalla, Texas, a small town of 647 people,” says this self-taught marksman and avid hunter. “I sure don’t want to let them down.” Besides shooting pistols and rifles, Dustin is proficient with a compound bow; he also throws tomahawks and knives.
A minister, accountant, lumberjack, husband, father of two and foster father of three, Dustin lives in the middle of the Angelina National Forest and considers himself a Renaissance man. “I’m a nice guy,” he says, “but I can be too outspoken and honest—if I don’t like you, I won’t hide it.”