Dr Theuns Eloff

Head Administrator: Multi-party Negotiating Process 1991-1993
Theologian, entrepreneur, diplomat and academic leader, Dr Eloff is the great-great-great-grandson of Paul Kruger, the leader of the Boer struggle against British rule before the war. Dr Eloff’s struggle against apartheidcrystallized during the late 1970s when he was a theology student.
In 1977, the black student leader Steve Biko was tortured and died in police custody.
That same year, Dr Eloff, co-drafted the apartheid critique, The Koinonia Declaration (Koinonia comes from the Greek, meaning ‘Fellowship’. Two years later he was elected President of the national body of Afrikaans students. In this position, and later when serving as a religious minister, he promoted his belief that apartheid was morally repugnant. His views, considered controversial at the time, meant he had to step down from his church position.
After Nelson Mandela’s release, Dr Eloff was instrumental in planning the peace process that led to the National Peace Accord. During one the many deadlocks that marked the process, Dr Eloff wrote his thoughts on how to move forward on a flip-chart. A draft of the National Peace Accord agreement is currently in the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg in Dr Eloff’s own handwriting.