Dr Pallo Jordan

Member: National Executive Committee (NEC) African National Congress (ANC)
Dr Zweledinga Pallo Jordan was just four or five paces to the left of the journalist Ruth First when she came back into their office carrying a pile of post. Unlike Ruth, Jordan survived the letter bomb sent by the South African security services.
Jordan studied in the both the US and the UK but still vividly remembers when the white government tried to enforce the teaching of Afrikaans on the black populace, a move that was resisted almost universally. Interestingly, Mandela didn’t, so as to better understand his enemy; and as President, he famously wore the often hated Springbok rugby top during the country’s Rugby World Cup win.
Jordan did not return to his homeland till the unbanning of the ANC in 1990. In 1993, when he found out that the popular leader, Chris Hani had been assassinated and it looked like the country may descend into bloodshed, he rushed Mandela to the television studios. He didn’t even have time to take off his reading glasses before he addressed the rival factions. His presidential-like address pointed out that though yet another black man had been killed by yet another white man, this time, a white woman had informed on the killer. The times were changing.
Jordan went onto serve in various Ministerial posts from 2004 to 2009.