David Filtness

32 year old David Filtness is the big character in the group. He’s the man with the plan who loves strategy and thinking outside the box. But commanding a nuclear submarine is also all about reacting to a constantly changing situation. So can Filthy learn to adapt fast and make quick decisions when things don’t go to his plan? He’ll need to learn to handle the big pressure to be one of the winners in this ultimate test of command.
During his Navy career David served in HMS VENGEANCE from 2006 – 2008 as a Watch Leader and Operations Officer, conducting two BOSTs and two deterrent patrols, and was promoted Lieutenant Commander in 2007. A short assignment to HMS ASTUTE in Barrow was followed by further sea time in HMS TORBAY as Operations Officer, conducting operations in the Indian Ocean in 2009 and gaining valuable experience in preparation for SMCC throughout home water operations in 2010. He joined SMCC in June 2010.