Dan Reiss

Such is the reputation of Perisher, even the US Navy puts some of its finest young officers through the British Perisher Course it. Dan Reiss, who like many of his US Navy colleagues has a strong background in nuclear engineering, is up for the US Perisher Course on the road to command. But first he must prove he can cut it on a Royal Navy Submarine. He faces the additional challenge of relearning everything the British way, but will be shown no leniency from Teacher. Just like all the others he can fail the course at any time..
American Dan is a tactical man. Before Perisher he attended the US Naval War College where he earned a Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies. He also was a research fellow in the Halsey Alfa Research Programme focused on analysing operational warfare in a denied environment with a peer competitor. The research depended heavily on wargaming at the operational and tactical level. LCDR Reiss’ subsequent tour was as head of C4I & Imaging department at the Tactical Analysis Group in Submarine Development Squadron TWELVE where his primary focus was on developing tactics for photonics systems. He also led a team which revised US submarine periscope employment doctrine.