Dan Martyn

Dan Martyn comes to the course with an air of experience and authority. You won’t see this man ruffled or sweating under pressure very often. But mastering a situation and making the right decisions is only part of what it takes to be a good submarine commander. Teacher bides his time to give Dan a good dressing down. Can brusque, calm Dan win the battle of hearts and mind and convince Teacher he can be a leader that motivates his team when things get bad?
A volunteer for Submarines whilst at BRNC Dan first had to complete his general training in HMS Exeter and HMS Alderney before joining the Submarine Service in 2001. Dan has spent the majority of his career based in Faslane and has served on both S and V Boats. Of particular note he was navigator on HMS SOVEREIGN and was the Operations Officer for HMS VENGEANCE and HMS SCEPTRE. A particular highlight of his career was a patrol conducted in a US SSN in the Far East.