Craig Buckland

Age: 47
Hometown: Sandisfield, MA
Occupation: Chemist
When it comes to competitive shooting, Craig Buckland knows how to win. As a member of a major manufacturer’s shooting team, Craig has won at least one national championship title every year since 2007, amassing more than any of the other contestants. He has shot competitively for the last 10 years, traveling throughout the United States and Europe to participate in a variety of action shooting events. He now holds three world and four national titles. Craig is an IDPA 5-Gun Master and one of only three people worldwide who can call themselves a “Stock Service Revolver Distinguished Master.” For his day job, Craig works as a chemist for a major consumer products company, and he’s noticed many parallels between chemistry and marksmanship. “Being a scientist and being a marksman are one and the same,” he notes. “My chosen professional field is analytical chemistry, where accuracy and precision and speed are very, very important. The same is true of a marksman.”