Cliff Walsh

Age: 41
Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Occupation: Airport Driver
Let’s get Cliff’s biggest accomplishment out of the way: He beat revolver legend Jerry Miculek in the 2009 USPSA Nationals to claim the gold. Not bad for a guy who began competing as a hobby shooter just eight years ago. Only the fourth person to receive the USPSA revolver Grand Master classification, Cliff is a former volunteer sheriff’s deputy who says he learned to shoot “by watching and doing.” Marksmanship has taken Cliff around the world, allowing him to compete in Ecuador, Brazil, Norway, the Czech Republic and Serbia. Earlier this year, he was selected for the 2011 USPSA World Shoot Team, which will soon be competing in Greece. Cliff means business on the gun range, but he also likes to have fun at his matches, ribbing competitors who take themselves too seriously and, on one occasion, shooting in his underwear. With ancestors who fought in the Battles of Gettysburg and Bull Run, Cliff believes marksmanship is in his blood. “I have at one time or another beat every top revolver shooter in the world,” he says. “I know I can beat anyone at any time.”