Chee Kwan

Age: 24
Hometown: San Gabriel, CA
Occupation: Range Master
Chee knows the value of hard work. A 24-year-old range master for the L.A. Gun Club, Chee and his mother arrived in the United States from Malaysia with only a couple hundred dollars and the clothes on their backs. “I’m here so that I can win this competition for my mother and show her that she’s raised a good son,” he explains. Chee became interested in recreational shooting and joined the Marines, where he became one of the best infantrymen in his battalion. Now he’s a rifle and pistol expert who is proud to earn his living as a California state-certified firearms instructor and NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. In Season 4, Chee had almost made it to the end of the competition when he was eliminated in the “Back Alley Breach” challenge. After Top Shot, Chee became a Ranked Master in the Stock Division of IPDA, won two regional championships, became ranked A-class in USPSA and won third overall in production at California Sectional.