Animal and Steve

Animal got his nickname while serving in the Special Forces in Vietnam. During a particularly brutal battle, his team said he fought like an animal, using everything including his now-missing teeth, and the name stuck. When he got back state-side, he started driving trucks out of his home state of California. He drove log trucks and pipes up to the Alaska pipeline, all the while keeping his secret passion for dancing under wraps. Unbeknownst to many of his fellow drivers, Animal had trained to be a ballet dancer before he was drafted! Now those quick moves come into play whenever he is called to recover trucks. Animal’s expertise is driving in dangerous weather; he’s driven through tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards. He says that when other truckers bail, they send him in. That’s why he is an animal!

Steve Irwin’s parents brought him over from Ireland when he was a baby. Steve met Animal at a wild, late-night party during the early 1960s, and the pair found each other again when Steve had to teach him hand-to-hand combat in Vietnam. After the war, they both started driving trucks for an “easy living,” and now Steve’s been driving for almost 47 years. He started by harvesting wheat from local farms and then driving the grains all over the country. His CB handle is “The Red Flash,” because he survived numerous bombings during his tour of duty. A true rebel, Steve was part of the Northern California chapter of the Hell’s Angels in the 60s.