Anand Naidoo

News Anchor: South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) 1994 Election
Anand Naidoo was born into a country where because of the colour of his skin, travelling on separate buses and eating in separate restaurants was the norm. But he grew up to become a South African & American TV anchor and later Senior Producer for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). He covered the stories of Nelson Mandela’s release and his country’s first non-racial, democratic elections, broadcasting from Johannesburg, which is where he began his career in journalism, as a newspaper reporter.
Naidoo later became anchor and Editor for CNN International and is currently an anchor & Correspondent for Al Jazeera English in Washington DC. So lately, South Africa has become more of a holiday destination than a home. But Naidoo is happy that when he does return, the younger members of his family have difficulty in believing his stories about his childhood under apartheid. His country has changed that much in just 20 years.